Over the past decade, change has re-defined Hospital Foodservices within the healthcare industry in many ways.  COVID-19 has accelerated this change and has irreparably altered the industry and forced healthcare managers to find new solutions.

Here are 4 evolving trends in food and nutrition services:- 

  1. In-room Dining: Room Service

Similar to any in-room dining experience in a 5-star hotel. Patients can scan QR codes to order from restaurant-style ala carte menu or dial for room service. A nicely presented meal tray will be delivered by highly trained Butler or Nurses at flexible times to match the patient’s appetite and to work around their tests and doctors’ visits. These innovations using mobile phones are here to stay in the Healthcare Foodservice industry and will continue to evolve to meet rising patient expectations.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase patient satisfaction. 

2.               Top Chef-Inspired Menu 

Collaboration between Hospital’s Dietitian and renowned Chef or Culinary Consultants will develop your in-house menus. Old boring hospital food served on compartment plates or bento boxes will be replaced with Chef-inspired fresh, flavourful, healthy dishes that also taste and look tantalising on the plate. 

Planned fixed meal cycles catering to each religious or ethnic group will give way to more diverse International/Asian Cuisines with raw ingredients sourced and processed sustainably. More freshly cooked meatless plant-based foods instead of “gluten-rich” factory-made vegan dishes should be on the menu as well.

Therapeutic diets (pureed & soft/minced) can be outsourced to highly equipped professionals to deliver nutritious and great tasting pureed meals to patients with swallowing difficulties.    

As you cater these Top Chef-Inspired Menus to your patients, it will greatly improve your Healthcare Foodservices.

3.               Showcase the best of Local Flavors

By taking a leaf out of Cloud Kitchens where multiple brands share kitchen space, Hospitals can explore the possibility of collaborating with leading street-food hawkers or restaurant brands to feature their signature dishes on Hospital’s Weekly Specials. 

Patients especially those in long-term care facilities will have something to look forward to. 

4.               Flexi Menus 

Introduce Flexi menus instead of the traditional fixed meal plan.  These menus include choices for the main course, side dishes, and desserts, even for persons with diabetes or other food restrictions.

If not hungry for a full meal, the patient can opt for a sandwich or salad instead. 

Find out more on how you can improve and evolve your Healthcare Foodservice today!

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