With rising number of Covid-19 patients, there are concerns over how safe are eating utensils used in our hospitals and nursing homes.  In Singapore, the truth is that all public hospitals are well equipped with highly sophisticated commercial ware-washing machines that could effectively clean and sanitized all soiled eating utensils.  Hence, eating out of your pre-packed and sanitized utensils and cutlery sets are generally safe since sanitizing kills majority of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

But what about hospitals and nursing homes who are currently relying on manual washing?

How do you ensure  that your hospital’s eating utensils are germ-free?

Here are some suggestions to consider:-

  1. Wash the utensils and cutlery with soap and water as soon as the meal is consumed. Dry them thoroughly after each wash and invest in a reliable UV Light Disinfectant Box to store and sanitize all your washed utensils.
  2. Use disposable utensils and cutlery if manual washing is challenging and unsafe for your cleaning stewards.
  3. Based on your operational needs and budget, engage a consultant to help design your ware washing area and recommend the appropriate dishwashing machine.

As our community continue to live in the new “normal” amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, these are key touchpoints that should not be under-estimated or over-rated, in order to ensure a 360 degree coverage of healthcare safety standards.

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