As businesses adjust to living with Covid-19 and new vaccination rule at workplace, food service professionals too need to evolve and be more adaptable to the changes. Now, more than 20 months on,  it seems possible that work life has changed permanently and that the return to pre-pandemic days are unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Caterers and food service companies will have to rethink and reimagine the delivery of their services to scale new verticals. New demand generation engine  can be started by embracing digital technology, social media marketing, food innovation and smart product packaging.

To stay ahead of competition in this fast-changing landscape, our foodservice professionals need to be more open-minded, agile, resourceful and willing to try out new ideas.  In this post-Covid world, it is also perfectly normal to collaborate with fellow competitors within your industry and work with people from  different background to  advance food service delivery and experience.

With labour shortages that make it increasingly harder to rely on migrant workers, employers would need to upgrade the skills of their local workforce and invest on their employees’ retention and engagement to build a more resilient team to face the uncertain future.


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